This is our amazing Heart of Dinner restaurant family, many who have partnered with us since the beginning all with a special spot in their hearts for the homebound seniors. Together we have provided close to over 30k meals over the span of 30 Wednesdays. We could not have gotten to where we are or scaled to feed multiple organizations in the area without them and even though restaurants, especially small businesses have had a really rough time during CoVid-- our restaurant family has been there every single week making sure that the seniors are getting fed. If you're looking for pickup/delivery it would mean the world for all of us if you could show them as much support as they've shown us. 

100% proceeds from the Oolong Tea Pints

donated Heart Of Dinner

Helen Nguyen

Saigon Social

Helen was our first restaurant partner and donated the first two drops (300+meals) her and her team have then continually cooked multi hundreds of  vietnamese inspired meals  for Hamilton Madison House! 

Sam 001.jpg

Sam Yoo

Golden Diner

Sam and the Golden Diner team joined us in providing weekly meals to the Chinatown Clean Streets team and then cooked and provided meals Korean inspired meals  to University Settlement

Jacqueline Eng

Partybus Bakeshop

Jacqueline started off donating foccacia and desserts when we provided meals for the Chinatown Clean Streets team and now bakes upwards of 100 loaves of brioche and over 400 scallion buns weekly for us to pass on to the seniors.  


Maiko & Emily 


Maiko and Emily have continually cooked delicious Japanese homestyle meals which goes to feed the seniors at CPC Hong Ning and also CPC Brooklyn  

Jae Lee


Jae reached out asking to be a part of the Heart of Dinner family because he was raised by his grandma and this initiative really resonated with him. Each week, Jae and the NoWon team cook upwards of 300 meals for Nanoom Shelter and La Jornada Food Pantry


Hannah Wong

Vanda/ Haema

Hannah even in the midst of opening a restaurant and running a pop up during CoVid heard we needed help and jumped in to cook meals for CPC Queens individual residential alternative house.




Eric and 886 was one of the first to turn their restaurant into a relief efforts hub when CoVid was declared a pandemic. During a week of much deserved rest before re-opening 886 for delivery takeout Eric jumped in to help cook meals for our seniors at CPC Hong Ning and also recently taught a Kitchen Rodeo Class of Cacio e Chili with proceeds going to Heart of Dinner 


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