The idea of "Heart of Dinner" is to intentionally create time for those conversations we need to feed our hearts in cities that are saturated with surface-level noise. Everyone is so caught up with technology, social media, and fancy dinner outings, rarely do we come across people who invest time in heart-to-heart conversations over plates of soul-filling home-cooked meals. It's a two-person team: Moonlynn Tsai and Yin Chang. We both love cooking, hosting, and meeting awesome people.  We cook what we feel like cooking, sometimes the dinners are interactive so be ready to get your hands dirty and many times they're family recipes. Nothing fancy-schmancy, just good food and good people. Sometimes we'll have our chef friends guest-cook (but we usually just want them here to relax, take a break from the kitchen and enjoy.)  


Our dinners are hosted in the privacy of homes and we take great care in creating comfort and intimacy in our gatherings.  We hope to have each dinner guest leave with their belly, heart, mind, and soul filled with a deepened connection through the heart-to-hearts and the food.


The bi-monthly donation-based dinner gatherings are technology-free and consist of 8-10 guests.  Throughout the year, we will be partnering up with non-profit organizations in the LA area where portions of the donation will be going. 


Hope to meet you soon!

Southern with an Asian Kick
Spring Roll Night
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Spicy Miso Shabu
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