Watch "Love, Chinatown" to learn about HEART OF DINNER and its #LOVINGCHINATOWN initiative, filmed during the peak of the pandemic. Directed by Karen Yung. A Greener Media production. Click here to watch on Vimeo.

Join us in ending hunger and isolation for low-income Asian-American homebound elderly where we source, cook, and deliver culturally appropriate meals paired with handwritten letters and heartwarming illustrations.


Food insecurity is heightened due to Covid-19 and is harshly impacting access to fresh food and ingredients. Coupled with the rapidly increased xenophobia and racism towards the Asian-American community during this time, Asian-American senior citizens are either homebound or stay home out of fear for their safety and livelihood. 


Thousands upon thousands of our elderly face hunger every day in New York, one of the hardest-hit states. With your help, we can change that.


Provide the Po-Po's and Gong-Gong's throughout Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens with comfort, love, and care through our culturally thoughtful and nutritious meals paired with handwritten letters in Chinese/Korean.  

Heart of Dinner Co-founders and romantic partners Yin Chang (actor-writer and founder of 88 Cups of Tea) and Moonlynn Tsai (restauranteur and co-owner/operator of Kopitiam) launched the #LOVINGCHINATOWN Covid-19 relief efforts initiative to counter the racism and isolation the Asian-American immigrant elderly have been experiencing throughout the pandemic. 

Through community-driven funding and generous donors, Heart of Dinner surpassed the first milestone of a 20,000 meal goal with the support of their community of restaurant partners, in-kind donors, volunteer care package delivery drivers, volunteer note-writers and brown bag illustrators. 

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Heart of Dinner meals and handwritten letters provided to the senior members of the Chinese-American Planning Council's Brooklyn Community Services. Photo courtesy of Steve Mei of the Chinese-American Planning Council. 

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