Heart of Dinner #LovingChinatown initiative was born out of a need to work against stigma and discrimination towards people of Asian descent that have come hand-in-hand with the coronavirus. The mission is to normalize positive Asian narratives through intimate food outings that humanize our experiences and stories over a shared love of food. 

To combat xenophobia and racism we have mobilized our collective platforms to bring awareness to Asian-owned restaurants and to stimulate a resurgence of interest in supporting the mom-and-pop shops. 

Due to the current crisis, we've postponed our upcoming food tours and will resume when it's deemed safe for public health.


In the meantime, we've turned Heart of Dinner into a relief efforts hub where we are cooking hot lunchbox donations for those most vulnerable in/near the Chinatown area with a heavy focus on the homebound elderly.


We are especially reminded of our immigrant grandparents who would have had difficulty asking for help during these times because of language and cultural barriers. We also provide meals for the staff of organizations and facilities who have dedicated their efforts to providing support for the residents and neighbors in densely populated Asian communities like Chinatown.


If you are interested in directly funding meals: 

Heart of Dinner is led by Moonlynn Tsai, restaurateur and co-owner of Kopitiam, and Yin Chang, actor and founder of 88 Cups of Tea

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